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Custom Menus

Designing the look and feel of your menu is a science. Everything from font selection, item descriptions, highlighting signature dishes, color contrast, and menu size, can make or break the customer experience. Designing your menu professionally can focus your customers on your highest margin dishes and minimize confusion in the ordering process.

Brand Identity and

Logo Design

A professional logo can empower your brand and build trust in the eyes of the customer. It can also help you define the culture of your restaurant. Your logo tells your customer who you are and what kind of experience they can expect. Should they stop by for the big game, or make reservations for their 10 year wedding anniversary?

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Brand Consistency

Once your brand is established, it’s important that you keep your image consistent moving forward. If the logo on the website is different from your signage and uniforms, that will cause confusion and doubt among customers. In addition, any advertising, marketing collateral, or social media accounts should be consistent with your logo, colors, and fonts.

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